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Joya Watson

The Rotterdam Cookbook

Over 200 photographs .Text in Dutch only


More than 100 communities with different nationalities are living in Rotterdam, the biggest seaport in the Western world. They all brought their own food habits and adapted them to the new city life. Everybody knows pasta, rice and potatoes and the Turkish pizza is as common as the Dutch new haring. But there still are a lot of ingredients, dishes and food traditions that are not generally known in Rotterdam. What are those mysterious tubers, turnips and vegetables in Surinam-African shops and how do you prepare them? Why is rijsttafel a typical Dutch dish and how is it related to Indonesian food? What do celebrate Eritreans for hundreds of years on 11 September? And since when do Turks in Rotterdam eat Surinam potatoes and Chinese pears?


Linda Roodenburg looked in her own city for cooks who were famous for their dishes and meals in their communities. Together with photographer Carel van Hees she followed them while they were preparing a meal for their family and friends: the shopping, the cooking and the eating it self As a result the book is full of stories and images about food habits, changing traditions, ethnic shops, products, ingredients and recipes, all placed in a historical and cultural context of the different homelands.


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Concept, texts and production:

Linda Roodenburg

Photography: Carel van Hees

Design: Irma Boom,

512 pp. full color


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